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Natrix Granola


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Natrix uses only the freshest rolled oats, nuts, seeds and spices to create an experience of snacking like never before. The combinations are endless! You can express yourself with our granola. Use it on toast with any nut butter, as cereal, as a parfait, on ice-cream, in smoothie bowls or straight out of the bag.

With no hydrogenated oils or artificial sweeteners, you will taste the difference. Made with organic extra-virgin coconut oil, organic Vermont maple syrup and fresh Madagascar vanilla beans. 

Whichever way you choose your experience is bound to be glorious.

Express yourself. Get snacking!




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A Tropical blend of dried Papaya, dried Pineapple, Macadamia nuts and toasted Coconut.  


"oh my god it's good."

— Chris Parker


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A perfect blend of Dark Chocolate, Walnuts and toasted Coconut. 



Teylor Bouchard is passionate about the art of food. Taste is involved in all aspects of life, it directs our choices. That is why she only uses the finest ingredients in her granola. Growing up in Michigan where her dad use to cook warm homemade meals, she developed a love for culinary science. She then went on to pursue it academically. Early on in life she became a vegetarian out of her love for the natural world. It wasn't long before she was coming up with recipes of all sorts for all occasions. Later when Teylor became a vegan she wanted a snack that would fit her new life style. Thus Natrix Granola was born. Together with her fiancé Travis Walton they own and produce delicious granola for your consuming pleasure.